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S.R.I.W. (Société Régionale d’Investissement de Wallonie) contributes to the development of the economy and the value creation of companies located in Wallonia. It finances them through equity investments or loans.
S.R.I.W. Life Sciences is a dedicated platform whose main mission is to contribute to the financing of companies active in the field of human health.

« The emergence of a “Wallonia BioValley” is no more an utopia ! Relying on the traditional strengths and assets of Wallonia, including excellence in research and entrepreneurial creativity, S.R.I.W. Life Sciences contributes to the development of a truly dynamic and fertile ecosystem of life sciences in the Region.

To turn this scientific excellence into economic value and jobs, we help fund your research and investment programs. From clinical developments to market access, we encourage and support entrepreneurial initiatives capable of converting scientific innovation into products that meet medical needs. We also support the growth of your more mature activities or services to the ecosystem, which already generate recurring revenues.

In order to expand the network of experts or partners that we offer to our portfolio companies, we also invest in specialized international investment funds.”





Philippe Degive, Investment Manager, Life Sciences Team Coordinator

Christina Franssen, Investment Manager – Life Sciences Innovation

Caroline Thielen, Investment Manager – Life Sciences Innovation

Gery Lefebvre, Investment Manager

Download SRIW's corporate presentation