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Spectralys Biotech offers analytical services for biomolecules using FTIR spectroscopy. Our cutting-edge services are based on our strong academic background (spin-off from Université libre de Bruxelles), our team of highly skilled scientist, our state-of-the-art equipment and our proprietary dedicated software.

FTIR spectra provide robust fingerprint of biological samples and account not only for the chemical nature of molecules but also for their conformation. They are particularly sensitive to protein secondary structure. Using our sharp expertise, we can assess 4 critical quality attributes of proteins and antibodies: structure, glycosylation, protein concentration and quantification of key excipients (i.e. Tween).

Key applications include: multiparametric batch-to-batch consistency; stability and stress studies; comparability studies for biosimilar candidates; structural characterization (prediction of secondary structure and monitoring of the aggregation, especially for amyloid proteins) and in-process analytical tool.




Allison Derenne, Manager  – +32 497 05 67 08