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Telesphore Pharma, Second BMSystems’ therapeutic spin-off, aims to become the worldwide golden standard for Chronic Low-Grade Inflammatory Disorders (CLGIDs) with a First-in-class “Disease-Centric Repositioning” Diagnostic/Monitoring/Treatment for ME/CFS* and the emerging Post Covid-19 “long-haulers syndrome.

*Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Telesphore Pharma at a glance: 

  • CADI-T1031: First-in-class “Disease centric repositioning Diagnosis, Monitoring and Treatment derive from the understanding of the causal mechanism of the disease and constitute novel and resilient solutions that resisted the negative selection process  
  • No alternative, No competition: Lack of understanding of the organic nature of the disease, of solid diagnostic criteria, no treatment or cure, with no dedicated market & competition  
  • Post Covid-19 Accelerator: There is an imminent necessity for the treatment because of the exploding number of Covid-19 long-haulers that are on the verge of developing ME/CFS.    
  • Expand to a Vast Market: ME/CFS treatment consists the basis for the treatment of other CLGIDs, including Gulf War Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, chronic injury & muscle wear. CADI treatments already identified.  
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