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We are Inovigate, an independent strategy and management consulting company operating in the European Life Science and Healthcare industry, specialised in helping our clients to innovate and navigate through an increasingly complex health ecosystem. We strive to achieve better outcomes for our clients by utilizing our deep sector knowledge and experience.

At Inovigate we value the diversity and talents of individuals and how they contribute to the capabilities of our team. We bring our passion and enthusiasm to reap the benefits of every project for our clients, our company and our team.

We believe that our approach of working closely with the clients’ management team creates value for both our clients and us. To that end we embed ourselves in the client organisation to become part of the day-to-day interactions on every project we do.

Our experience gained through our many strategy and transformation projects allows us to consolidate multiple methodologies and tools into a unique Inovigate approach that is tailored to the specific client need. Our focus is on actionable outcomes and results that can be implemented immediately.

In our client engagements we also utilize a network of experts and partners with complementary skills. This helps us to mobilize the right team for every single engagement. Our network includes thought leaders, influencers and other most diverse experts in different fields within the health ecosystem.

What we do

We specifically help our clients with strategy definition, Business Planning and Management, in Research & Development, Market access as well as Commercial.

Industry Insight Analysis

We aim to provide independent industry insight into the trends within the converging health ecosystem through future planning, scenario planning and deep market analysis and assist you in identifying emerging market opportunities.

Strategy Formulation & Business Planning

We are specialised in re-aligning existing or formulating new business and corporate strategies for individual companies, collaborative partnerships, research and incubation centres and industry associations. In addition to overall business and corporate strategies we provide support for innovation, data science, information and technology strategies.

Business Model Re-alignment

We re-align existing or design new business models for your business or collaboration and support your transition from a product-centred business model towards a service or solution-oriented business model.
Our focus is to provide benefit and risk-sharing, outcomes-driven business models.

Market Access Planning

We provide market access capabilities for launching pharmaceutical products, medical devices and diagnostics, including specific country insights on market access and reimbursement requirements. We develop country launch plans, stakeholder engagement plans and value messaging.

Business Process Transformation

We integrate business processes across business units or geographies and focus on designing and transforming business critical processes, addressing issues like outcomes management, translational research, patient adherence, real-world trials, life licensing, collaborative R&D and optimised market access.

Program Management & Change Management

We provide program management capabilities for implementing your strategies and transformation projects from ideas into actionable results. We complement this with efficient change management capabilities.

Valuation & Funding Services

Whether our clients are looking to determine the corporate or project value for an acquisition or licensing, funding to take their projects to the next stage or optimizing their portfolio, we are there to offer objective advice and due diligence based on rigorous analysis in combination with deep expertise and abroad network of experts and funding sources.

Portfolio Management

We provide scenario planning, market intelligence and financial modelling expertise to prioritise portfolio assets and support management decision making.


Ingrid Maes – Managing partner
Phone: 0032 468 15 14 16

Eva Maerievoet – Office manager
Phone: 0032 468 34 18 07