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Ziphius Vaccines is a global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to develop next-generation vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases. We concentrate on a new class of vaccines, the messenger RNA or mRNA-based vaccines. More specifically, Ziphius focusses on self-amplifying mRNA-based vaccine. 

Since our founding in 2019, Ziphius has worked to develop and validate its self-amplifying mRNA platform. Currently, this platform is being used to rapidly expand our pipeline and move forward multiple preclinical development programs towards the clinic. 

Ziphius’ mission is to reduce the global impact of infectious diseases on global heath care by creating a new generation of transformative vaccines.

Based in Belgium, Ziphius’ team is composed of 24 members. This is expected to grow exponentially over the next years. Ziphius’ team is managed by a team of highly dedicated experts, with a strong scientific, managerial and pharmaceutical background. 

Christiaan Cardon – CEO