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Jumet (Belgium), March 30, 2021 – GRAFTYS SA (“Graftys”), a global leader in resorbable bone cements, announces today the opening of its new preparation and logistic site in Liège (Belgium). Continuously strengthening its manufacturing capability and reinforcing its logistic services to improve the quality of its products and the performance of the deliveries, the Graftys Liège site will start kit preparation and logistic activities, in parallel with the French facilities in Aix-en-Provence, from the 1st of April 2021 for all countries (except the USA). The new facilities will be open for the USA on the 1st of June 2021.
This geographic location was targeted based on its significant potential and opportunity. Indeed, Liège is becoming the leading logistic region in Europe, thanks to its excellent accessibility to the main European markets, and a great volume and infrastructure of transport (Logistics in Wallonia). This strategic expansion will bring Graftys more flexibility, more continuity and better solutions to deliver orders efficiently. The second development phase of the Liège site is expected to come in October 2021.
Graftys commercializes two bone void filler products – Graftys® QuickSet and Graftys® HBS. They are injectable, self-hardening, macroporous and resorbable bone cements. Graftys® QuickSet offers higher viscosity and a faster setting time, while Graftys® HBS offers lower viscosity and a longer working time ideal for multiple injections and intra-osseous procedures.
Enrico Bastianelli, Chief Executive Officer of Graftys, commented: “Despite the incredible challenges facing the Company in 2020 because of the global pandemic, the Graftys teams have accomplished the feat of setting up this new preparedness and logistics center. This is because at Graftys our goal is to always provide the best service and comprehensive support to customers, hospitals, surgeons and patients.”

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