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Health technology on a human scale


Today, it is impossible to imagine healthcare and personal assistance that does not use technology. Think of sensors for the prevention of falls, of the video-consultation which allows the remote contacts, of the smart clothes which monitor the parameters of your body and of the applications which serve your health and your well-being.

Digital technology is changing both personal care and support, our behavior and the way healthcare professionals and citizens interact. All these tools and technological aids collect data on the user, the patient or the client. But who does what with this data? What about privacy? What principles must today’s and tomorrow’s technological innovations conform to? How can we anticipate and guide this development, instead of being subjected to technological waves one after another?

The eight guiding principles for healthy technology with a human dimension (caring technology ’) guide the development and use of technological innovations aimed at improving the health, well-being and quality of life of people in their daily lives.

What are these 8 guiding principles?

Discover them by watching the animation:

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Initiative & source: Fondation Roi Baudouin, Fonds Dr Daniel De Coninck