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In the biopharmaceutical sector, the development of bio-processes requires significant investments in time and resources: these processes are generally obtained after numerous iterations aimed at determining the operational parameters and measurements allowing to characterize them. The NEMO project aims to support the development of these bio-processes through digital technologies: it aims to combine empirical models, which feed on measured data, with mechanistic models, based on fundamental scientific principles, in order to represent a digital twin of the whole manufacturing process and optimize it. This type of modeling will extend the range of digital solutions commercialized by DNAlytics in the biomanufacturing sector.
The research will be carried out using data provided by the UCB pharmaceutical group, which will also contribute its expertise in the implementation of such processes. The modeling will be carried out jointly with the UMONS/SECO unit; the CER-Groupe research center will also carry out additional measurements for characterization and model validation.

The ultimate goal is to demonstrate the usefulness of digital technologies for the operational excellence of bio-industries, thus bridging the gap between two essential sectors for the Walloon Region.


Companies : DNalytics, UCB

Universities : UMons

Research centers : CER

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Damien Bertrand:

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