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Numerous studies have shown that the majority of medical errors are attributable to a problem of non-technical skills (communication and teamwork) rather than a lack of technical skills. However, most of the training and tools used in these studies are aimed at the acquisition of technical skills only.

The SoftMed project therefore aims to address the need for training in non-technical skills for nurses and medical staff, both in initial and continuing education. This need is currently not met because of the near impossibility of organizing training courses bringing together the different types of professions (doctors, nurses) called upon to work together in the field, but also because of the incompatibility with Belgian and European protocols of the rare training solutions in this field of North American origin, which are not editable by users.

The partners will therefore develop a multiplayer Virtual Reality training tool, allowing (student) doctors and nurses to immerse themselves simultaneously in the same environment (emergency department, intensive care unit, operating theatre, etc.). The emotional state of each learner will be measured in real time by a set of biometric sensors.

In addition, the scenarios contained in the training solution will be editable by the trainers, so that they can be adapted to the realities of each country or even each institution.

The target markets are first Belgium and then the neighbouring countries. In each of these countries, Transurb will market the developed solution to medical faculties, nursing schools and hospitals.
The main impact of this project, in addition to the scientific achievements and the improvement of the quality of the training for the partners ULiège and Henallux, is the creation of about thirty jobs in 6 years, mainly at Transurb but also at Quimesis.


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