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For the past 10 years, Anywr has been accompanying Talents who want to change their professional life and connecting them with recruiting companies around the world, especially in the Tech, Life Sciences, Medical and Human Resources sectors.

Our challenges? To understand the Talents, their strengths and their wishes, to understand the needs of the companies in order to propose the best candidates to create or complete a team and bring a project forward.

To meet these challenges, Anywr combines human resources expertise in recruitment, professional mobility and training with the power of in-house developed solutions and technology platforms.

We believe that the solution to the talent shortage is and will be to source
international talent, through their mobility and rapid adaptation to change.

We are convinced that the future of HR is “Talent-centric” and that it is our
role to help companies understand the expectations of their Talents and anticipate
new work styles: flexibility, hybrid work, commitment, eco-social values, nomadism, slashing, etc.

We consider ourselves to be true “Talents agents“, much like in sports or Arts.
in sports or Arts. We accompany them by putting ourselves at the service of their
interests and the protection of their private life.

We believe that our relationship and connections with our Talents should be long-lasting
and preserved throughout their multiple professional lives.
We are available to support and advise them in all circumstances.

We rely on digital technology to accelerate and improve the experience and services
we offer to our Talents and Clients.

An adapted solution to meet your recruitment needs

Sourcing of rare engineering profiles

Our knowledge of the various life sciences industries and our expertise in recruiting all types of legal vehicles (freelance, permanent, etc.) allows us to efficiently identify the right talent for you.

Employee mobility management

Within the scope of the mobility of a Talent to your host country, our recognized expertise in immigration allows us to manage the international and national relocation as quickly as possible by guaranteeing the compliance of all the procedures.

Continuous HR support

We are present at each stage of your recruitment, to meet your HR challenges: Strengthen your teams, bring your projects into compliance following an audit, increase your production line.

Legal compliance

We provide you with advice and expertise on your HR issues to support your success. We master all the specificities of recruitment in the field of Life Sciences on a national and international level.


Laura Galante, Director Norther Europe

Sophie Schreiber, Business Manager Life Sciences
Tel: +32 (0) 495 04 96 43