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Today, the emergence of genetic tests and falling costs make it possible to inform anyone about their propensity to develop a pathology, as well as the means of reducing the probability of its occurrence (primary prevention), its extent (secondary prevention) and the most effective treatments. However, a growing number of genetic tests are ordered directly over the Internet, and studies show an increase in tests carried out by Europeans on platforms located outside Europe. The quality of these online tests is questionable, and without a secure framework, there is a real risk that parallel and recreational medicine will develop, without the supervision of health professionals.

The project called “GLORIA – Global Rapid and Innovative DNA Analysis” emerged from collaborations between healthcare experts who share the vision to develop patient-centered solutions for the benefit of personalised medicine. Their mutual ambition is to create the first European platform to provide citizens with a secure vault in which to store their digital DNA, enabling analyses to be carried out using computer-based risk profiling tools for complex common diseases and certain rare diseases.

Such a platform based in Wallonia is in line with the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3)* and more particularly with the roadmap of the Strategic Innovation Domain (DIS2 )*, “Innovations for enhanced health” set up by the Walloon government and the Strategic Innovations Initiative (IIS) MedReSyst.

Its business model, which does not depend on reimbursements from regional or national social security systems, will enable rapid international deployment. The new company that will be created at the end of the project and the consortium partners will create and maintain around forty direct and indirect jobs in Wallonia, and will give priority to subcontracting with local companies.

Duration : 48 months
Strategic area : Digital health


Companies : Eonix, Comunicare Solutions, Kedroz
Universities : UCLouvain, UMons


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