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Calysta is a new style, resolutely modern intellectual property (IP) consulting firm seeking to constantly align IP with the business strategy of its clients.

Alternative and Strategic Intellectual Property Services

Calysta is positioned as a key player in intellectual property, rich in the most experienced and passionate talents, with the ambition of exceeding your expectations. Our advisors not only carefully manage the protection and defense of your intellectual property assets, but they are also above all eager to understand the functioning and strategy of your company, in order to adapt our services to your real needs. Our experts are our ambassadors, with profiles and skills that are both different and complementary.


Claude Gérard (, +32 474 68 95 14)
Philippe de Diesbach (, + 32 478 59 47 33)
Ludivine Coulon ( +32 476 24 59 02)


Calysta short presentation