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Therapeutic portfolio development for the treatment of chronic inflammation based on exosomes enriched with active substances by mechanoporation and produced on a large scale using a new-generation technology on a 3D matrix in fixed-bed bioreactors.

ConvEyXo, a preclinical-stage biotech, aims to revolutionise access to exosome-based treatments through innovative technology platforms. The innovative production method, which uses 3D-printed matrices placed in original fixed-bed bioreactors, enables large-scale, low-cost production.

The therapeutic target is fibrosis, the consequence of chronic inflammation. It is developing a portfolio of therapeutic products based on exosomes derived from immortalised mesenchymal stem cells, taking advantage of their intrinsic anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, but modified to target the tissues or cells of interest, and enriched with substances that will amplify their biological activity.


Frédéric Tonglet
+32 496 38 09 64