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Glioblastomas are highly aggressive forms of brain cancer, posing a significant clinical challenge, especially in cases of recurrence following surgical resection. In this regard, a team of researchers has focused on the non-invasive liquid biopsy approach for both the initial diagnosis or recurrence of glioblastoma, as well as for the personalisation of therapeutic management for the patient.

Belgian Volition, QUALIblood, UNamur and UCLouvain, decided to combine their expertise to explore liquid biopsy for detecting glioblastomas through circulating nucleosomes and their epigenetic modifications, thereby enhancing diagnosis and treatment. The implications of this research are vast, offering the possibility of earlier and more accurate diagnosis of glioblastoma, particularly in the case of recurrence, as well as better adaptation of treatments for each patient. Ultimately, this project could pave the way for a more personalised and effective approach in the fight against this aggressive form of brain cancer.

Duration : 48 months
Strategic area : In-vitro diagnostic

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Companies : Belgian Volition, QUALIblood
Universities : UNamur, UCLouvain


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