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BioWin and MecaTech have finalised a strategic and operational roadmap for the medtech sector with the following objectives:

  1. Identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for this sector in Wallonia;
  2. Propose a realistic and credible consolidation strategy;
  3. Propose a related action plan.

The resulting strategic roadmap comprises five transversal strategic focuses, providing guidance for the sector’s future development. These strategic directions are now being translated into concrete action plans to be implemented by relevant organizations, aiming to drive innovation and growth within the sector.

For a summary of the strategic roadmap and its 5 focuses, click here.

To access the full study, including 1/ the detailed analysis of the sector and 2/ the strategic roadmap, click below:

Disclaimer: These documents may not be considered as constituting an official position of the Walloon Region.