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Application of « Big data » digital technologies in the healthcare sector

BIDMED wishes to explore the applicability and use of « Big Data » digital technologies in the healthcare sector, with a specific objective of enhancing the accessibility to proton therapy, the advanced radiotherapy modality for which the Walloon company IBA is known as the world leader. To this end, IBA will partner with the specialist of medical image management Telemis, as well as the engineering ICTEAM institute from UCL. The consortium is completed by contributions from the operational proton therapy facilities from Sweden.

BIDMED aims at improving the performances and reducing costs associated with proton therapy, at all stages of the equipment lifecycle. At the installation, “machine learning” techniques will be applied to automatize the system calibration. For the equipment maintenance, statistical analysis of the equipment monitoring data as well as predictive analytics will enable predictive interventions and help troubleshooting by a better identification of the root failure causes. During routine operations, the comprehensive analysis of data from multiple workflows will help implementing clinical scenarios with enhanced outcomes either for the patient (adaptive treatments) or for the equipment (rules or guidelines for improved scheduling of the activities in the rooms).

Next to these primary objectives, the project will also enable Telemis to expand their own business, through the procurement of dedicated PACS systems to be integrated with the proton therapy equipment, and by adopting the “smart maintenance” innovations into their monitoring system.


Companies : IBA, Telemis

Universities : UCLouvain

International partner : Skandion Clinics (Sweden)



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