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3D Printed Biomaterials and OPTimized for Regeneration Oral Bone

Bone regeneration is frequently used in dentistry especially in implantology. The use of biomaterials for bone regeneration or alveolar bone preservation is a reliable treatment option compared to autologous bone involving higher morbidity. However, the commercially available biomaterials for dental bone present significant pitfalls. For example, they lack in self-supporting ability, the healing time remains long and the performance is limited but above all there is a little acceptance for product of animal origin. The overall objective of BIOPTOS is to bring the clinic a new generation of smart ceramic biomaterials, which will improve significantly these pitfalls by using biomimetic macro- and micro-designs and new ways of production. The complementary partners is using innovative approaches to develop this pioneer products: Additive and advanced manufacturing, new Calcium phosphate based ceramic properties, digitally optimized products and controlled porosities. At the end of the project, BIOPTOS product will provide new solutions to the benefit of the patient. The results of this project will be valorized by the 2 industrial partners together with the contribution of international clinical experts in the field. This new generation of biomedical products promises to significantly influence the dental market.



Companies: Wishbone, Cerhum

Research center: Sirris

Universities: ULiège



Gregory Nolens: