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Nexeon MedSystems Belgium is developing an innovative and non-invasive neurostimulation product for the treatment management of patients suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF). AF is the most common arrhythmia diagnosed in clinical practice and is predicted to affect 17.9 million people in Europe by 2060 and 6–12 million people in the USA by 2050.


Through supporting the incubation of this technology development, Wallonia will become a ‘Center of Excellence’ for auricular Vagal Nerve Stimulation. The prestige accompanying this label will draw outside centers to Wallonia for resources, education, etc., thereby enhancing healthcare export form the Walloon Region.


Successful completion of this project will provide substantial economic impact to Europe – and Belgium in particular – both in terms of healthcare savings and job creation.



Companies: Nexeon MedSystems Belgium, Medi-Line, L&C Software

Universities: UCLouvain, ULiège