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Pcr And RApid Detection Integrated System

Sepsis strikes an estimated 900,000 adults in Europe (and 750,000 in the USA) annually, with a mortality rate reaching 35 percent. Effective treatment of such invasive bacterial infections is a major concern because of the increased incidence of antibiotic resistant pathogens. Thus, a rapid identification of a broad spectrum of bacterial species together with the detection of antibiotic resistance markers on positive blood cultures are needed to improve the quality of antimicrobial therapy and its early administration to infected patients. This project will provide diagnostic tools to answer this need: the equipment, the reagents (including disposable device for performing the test) and the expert system. The device will integrate a microfluidic PCR amplification followed by an online detection by a multi-spots hybridization technology to allow a rapid identification of some bacteria and their most clinically relevant antibiotic resistance determinants. The competitive advantage of this technological platform lies in the rapidity of obtaining the results, ease of use, multiplexing capability and flexibility for further developments. PARADIS is built on the strong advances of the Brainµ Biowin project. This new challenge pushes further the development of the diagnostic tool with the objective to reach the market. Also, a bilateral collaboration between Coris BioConcept and Covaris, Inc. (Massachusetts), born from a BioWin initiative, will lead to the association of a very innovative method of DNA extraction to this diagnostic system.



Companies: Coris BioConcept, WOW Technology

Universities: Université Libre de Bruxelles, UCLouvain – Mont Godinne