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Clinical evaluation of a new personalized viscosupplementation treatment against osteoarthritis based on innovative biomaterials and a personalized medicine ICT platform.

The objective of this project is the CE marking and marketing of a new treatment against osteoarthritis (OA). OA is a most common disease related to cartilage erosion and joint pain affecting a vast, ageing population. The project called PROUESSE is aimed to support the clinical evaluation of an innovative, personalized viscosupplementation treatment. This personalized treatment combines an intra-articular single-dose injection of a safe, highly effective medical device called ArthoviscTM to relief OA pain and an online platform of personalized medicine to the attention of the practitioners for monitoring of OA patients using highly specific biomarkers.

The PROUESSE consortium envisions to market a first-mover solution in the personalized management of osteoarthritis, a major public health problem affecting more than 70 millions of people worldwide, that has the potential to reach the international market valued at more than 1 billion €.


Companies: KiOmed Pharma, Artialis, DNALytics
Universities: Université Libre de Bruxelles, ULiège