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Treatment of breast cancer with epigenetic specific tools

The partners of the TREATBEST consortium are joining forces in order to leverage disruptive science in the field of personalized breast cancer treatment. The final product will be a CE-marked IVD test predicting the treatment benefit for patients with triple-negative breast cancer, the most aggressive form of this disease, when using standard chemotherapy with anthracyclines and taxanes. This IVD will support clinicians in selecting the most adapted treatment for each patient, avoiding unnecessary adverse effects and hopefully improving the chance of cure. The technology is based on an innovative, quantitative, epigenetic signature reliably reflecting the number of immune cells in the tumor environment. These cells have an active role in fighting cancer and are necessary for synergistic effects using some of the most widely prescribed treatment schemes. The number of immune cells in the tumor is therefore a central piece of information for selecting the most effective treatment for each individual patient.


Companies: Diagenode, IDDI

Universities: ULiège, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Research center: Jules Bordet Institute



Renaud Schoemans: