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Futurewave is a forward-thinking Design & Technology agency that empowers organizations to drive innovation to stimulate growth. By tightly combining the expertise of designers and technology experts, Futurewave offers a range of services that enable companies to unlock the power of their future, now. Sectors: Mobility Smart Products Healthcare Home…

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Fortil Belgium

Founded in 2009, the Fortil model was designed/created by entrepreneurial engineers. Our Fortil Care brand supports our customers in their engineering and digital transformation projects, through a matrix of solutions designed to meet the key challenges of their growth. Our intervention/actions/expertise includes all stages of development, industrialization, production, distribution and...
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Forem Formation Biotechnologie

Our aims are to develop and organize biotechnology training programmes for job-hunters and company staff, in response to market needs and to complement the training offered by technical colleges in terms of techniques and specific expertise. Contact: Pierre Gillain Tel: +32(0)4 366 39 00 - Cell: +32(0)478 96 22 77...
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