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OneLife Sa

OneLife S.A. is a biotech company specialized in decontamination solutions & infection control for medical devices and the patients’ environment. Spin-out of Realco SA, world leader with 30 years experience in enzyme-based hygiene & worldwide renown as surface cleaning expert, OneLife provides innovative enzymatic detergence products, protocols and services that...
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OncoRadiomics develops products and services with the unique advantage of providing higher quality care for cancer patients while minimizing total treatment cost at the same time. Decision Support for Treatment: Semi-automatic high throughput augmented clinical decision support with an accuracy on par or superior to an oncologist Efficient Trial Management:...
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Oncomfort develops and commercialises the Digital Sedation™, unique digital therapy for relieving patients’ pain and anxiety during medical procedures. This revolutionising therapy combines clinical hypnotherapy and integrative therapeutic techniques through Virtual Reality. Oncomfort develops the Sedakit™, a non-pharmacological therapeutic solution adapted to the patients and medical procedure. The Sedakit™ contains...
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OncoDNA Sa

OncoDNA is a theranostic and genomic company specialising in precision oncology. The company is headquartered in Belgium and comprises two entities, IntegraGen and BioSequence. The Group works with a global network of distributors and laboratories to deliver the promises of precision medicine for cancer patients. OncoDNA provides a unique offering...
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OUAT! is the digital transformation partner for companies in the life sciences industry. We offer a web platform - HakoBio - allowing biopharmaceutical companies to easily create a 3D digital twin of their factories. Once that digital copy is ready, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) empower users to...
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Osivax is a clinical-stage biotech company leveraging platform technology, oligoDOM®, to transform the respiratory virus vaccine landscape with pan-flu and pan-covid-19 vaccines delivered in one single shot. The company is establishing proof of concept with its broad-spectrum “universal” influenza candidate, OVX836, which is currently in Phase 2 clinical trial with...
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Oncodesign is a modern biopharmaceutical company that keeps its finger on the pulse of unmet medical needs, connected to the planet and acts in complete freedom. Oncodesign is a vector for therapeutic innovation: its mission is to discover effective therapies for patients suffering from diseases with unmet medical needs. Patients...
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