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The purpose of “CQintégré” is the development of a comprehensive system dedicated to the Quality Control (QC) of radioactive pharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine procedures. This system will include various analytical techniques, including HPLC, UPLC, TLC, GC, pH measurement, optical tests, and gamma-spectrum analysis. These technologies will be implemented and fine-tuned for the radio pharmacy domain. This concerns

  • the safe collection of the radioactive sample
  • µL-level accuracy dispensing to the subsystems
  • specific radiation detectors
  • the radical miniaturization and all its technological consequences to accommodate lack of space in hot labs
  • radiation safety issues
  • reporting features compliant to different pharmacopeia requirements,
  • design and validation of kit based references and their stability for a few exemplary radio-pharmaceuticals.

Consequently, the goals of the project will be to design, manufacture, demonstrate and integrate all these technologies in one integrated instrument and its consumables.

The device will help R&D and commercial radio-pharmacies to streamline their QC procedures with a high versatility and performance, combined with a positive impact on drug delivery schedules, set-up time for new compounds, radiation dose to the personnel and ease of use, among others.


Companies : Trasis, Taipro Engineering

Universities: UCLouvain (ELEN), Université Libre de Bruxelles (TEP)

Xavier Franci: