BioWin’s members represent a wide range of Walloon biotech and medtech players, including research labs, Big pharma, SMEs, service providers, universities, colleges, incubators, investors, etc.

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3Biotech is a consulting and support company for drug development projects. Our benchmark activity is CMC, we support biotechs on all aspects of their development, until the end of phase 2 and transfer to Phase 3 The company has existed for more than 10 years, founded and run by Olivier…


ABSCINT is a molecular imaging company. ABSCINT has two lead programs in clinical stage, one in cardiovascular disease and one in oncology. The focus of ABSCINT is on single domain antibodies for diagnostics. The technology is used for detection of disease, patient stratification and treatment guidance and evaluation.

AEC Partners

AEC Partners provides consulting & transactional services to the evolving Life Sciences industry : Bringing a forward-looking vision based on well-founded recommendations Facilitating senior management decision-making Mobilizing teams for business transformation Website

ATB Therapeutics

ATB Therapeutics has engineered a proprietary technology to manufacture a unique kind of immunotherapeutic designed to combine very high efficacy with unprecedent safety profile. ATB Therapeutics was funded in 2017 and aims to generate a pipeline of assets for hard-to-treat hematological and solid cancers. The company is now entering preclinical stage. Website

Backstage Communication

Backstage Communication is a public relations and press relations agency that is active in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Top-Tier Public Relations Services in the Benelux Market For more than 15 years, the agency has specialised in fostering brand awareness and reputation management for companies operating in a wide range of sectors, including real estate, technology, biotechnology,…

Baxalta (Shire)

Baxalta and Shire combined are the leading global biotechnology company focused on serving patients with rare diseases and highly specialized conditions.

BCI Pharma

BCI Pharma is a biotech company which focuses on the discovery and development of novel, highly potent and selective kinase inhibitors. Our aim is to bring new innovative treatments for neuropathic pain, psoriasis, endometriosis and cancer fields. BCI Pharma is an innovative biopharmaceutical company focused on small molecule drug discovery....

Belgian Volition SRL

Belgian Volition, main affiliate of VolitionRx Limited (NYSE: VNRX) is active in R&D, production and worldwide distribution of immunology-based kits for in-vitro diagnostic detection of cancers and NETs (Neutrophil Extracellular Traps) related diseases. Website

Bridge2Health (formerly Centre d’innovation Médicale (SCINNAMIC))

Bridge2Health connects you to state-of-the-art healthcare solutions, from bench to bedside. We provide a unique and integrated access to academic research excellence and to personalized medicine tools developed at the University of Liège (ULg) and the University Hospital of Liège (CHU) in Belgium. Website


CellCarta offers a complete menu of assays to characterize and monitor the immune response during discovery, pre-clinical, and clinical development.

Celyad Oncology

Celyad is a biopharmaceutical company, specialized in CAR-T cell therapy, that is developing landmark technologies aimed at treating severe diseases with poor prognosis such as cancer. Website

Cenexi (Laboratoire Thissen)

Cenexi is a global provider of contract development and manufacturing services. Website

ChromaCure S.A.

ChromaCure is a spin-off van het laboratorium van Cédric Blanpain, at ULB. We are developing therapies against cancer. Website


Connected-Pathology simplifies access to a range of complex laboratory testing and computational tools for providing and assessing translatable data. As a translation focused contract research laboratory, we help industry innovators unlock clinically relevant insights based on our curated data pool and extensive portfolio of readouts for a reduced-risk path to...

DeuterOncology NV

DeuterOncology is a clinical-stage drug development company. Its lead product, DO-2, is a deuterated MET kinase inhibitor that is brain penetrant and is being developed as a potential ‘best in class’ targeted therapy for MET driven disease. MET-inhibitors shows success in NSCLC however these treatments are hindered by the toxic…

Elysia SA

Your partner to ensure radio-pharmaceutical quality to fight more effectively against cancer. Website

Eppendorf Application Technologies Sa

Competency R&D centre for Molecular Biology reagent and consumable. Website

Equaly SA

Equaly is a start-up rooted on innovative science for applications in the treatment of immunological disorders. We are developing and licensing treatment solutions based on patent-protected technology platforms aiming at 1) eliminating immunogenicity of therapeutic biologicals, 2) generating target-specific cytoxic cells to eradicate intracellular infections and tumors 3) modulating innate...

ERC Belgium (Epitopoietic Research Corporation)

Research and pharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing and clinical testing of a new cell therapy anti-cancer vaccine. Website

IBA (Ion Beam Applications)

Cancer diagnostics and treatment equipment company. Worldwide technology leader in the field of proton therapy. Website


Active immunotherapeutics to treat and to prevent severe chronic diseases mediated by inadequate immune responses. Website

InhaTarget Therapeutics

Inhatarget Therapeutics is a ULB spin-off company dedicated to the early development of innovative treatments by inhalation of severe and/or chronic respiratory diseases, with a first focus on lung cancer. Inhatarget Therapeutics is currently focusing its activities on the development of its lead product (innovative formulation of cisplatin as a...


As an innovative and dynamic contract research organization (CRO) InnoSer supports the preclinical pipeline from its facilities in Belgium and the Netherlands. Founded in 2012, our in-depth expertise allows us to provide customized and streamlined early drug development options with well-characterized and near-patient research models. Our services are designed with...

Institut Jules Bordet

The Institut Jules Bordet is an integrated, multidisciplinary centre, unique in Belgium and which enjoys an international reputation. The hospital is devoted entirely to patients affected by cancer. For more than 75 years, our teams have been offering patients leading-edge diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in the prevention, screening and active...

Institut National des Radioéléments (IRE)

Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of public health through the production of radioelements used in medicine for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Website


The IRE group is composed of 2 main entities, IRE and IRE ELiT. With nearly 250 employees, IRE is one of the world’s leading producers of radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine for diagnosis and therapy. For its part, IRE ELiT is active in radiopharmaceutical production. The main activity of IRE...

iTeos Therapeutics Inc and iTeos Belgium SA

Teos Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering the discovery and development of a new generation of differentiated immuno-oncology therapeutics for patients. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, MA with a research center in Gosselies, Belgium. iTeos leverages its understanding of the tumor microenvironment and immunosuppressive pathways to design novel...

Knoware Sa

A software solution design and development company, specializing in the management of oncology treatments and other complex treatments in hospitals. Website

Miltenyi Biotec

Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that empower biomedical discovery and advance cellular therapy. Our more than 30 years of expertise spans research areas including immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, and cancer. Currently, Miltenyi Biotec has more than 4,700 employees in 23 countries. Empowering discovery. Advancing therapy….


Nucleis is a radiopharmaceutical company which manufacture and distribute Radiopharmaceutical Drugs for Diagnostic and Therapy Monitoring. The company was created in June 2017 with the transfer of the business unit (existing team, pharmaceutical certifications, CMO contracts and dedicated manufacturing facilities) from CRC (Cyclotron Research Centre – Liège Belgium) and benefits...


Oncodesign is a modern biopharmaceutical company that keeps its finger on the pulse of unmet medical needs, connected to the planet and acts in complete freedom. Oncodesign is a vector for therapeutic innovation: its mission is to discover effective therapies for patients suffering from diseases with unmet medical needs. Patients...

OncoDNA Sa

OncoDNA is a theranostic and genomic company specialising in precision oncology. The company is headquartered in Belgium and comprises two entities, IntegraGen and BioSequence. The Group works with a global network of distributors and laboratories to deliver the promises of precision medicine for cancer patients. OncoDNA provides a unique offering...


OncoRadiomics develops products and services with the unique advantage of providing higher quality care for cancer patients while minimizing total treatment cost at the same time. Decision Support for Treatment: Semi-automatic high throughput augmented clinical decision support with an accuracy on par or superior to an oncologist Efficient Trial Management:...

Orgenesis (Belgium) SRL

Orgenesis is a pioneering global biotech company which is unlocking the full potential of personalized therapies and closed processing systems through its Cell & Gene Therapy Biotech Platform, with the ultimate aim of providing life changing treatments at the point of care (POCare) to large numbers of patients at low...

PDC*line Pharma SA

PDC*line Pharma is a clinical-stage biotech company that develops a new class of antigen – specific active immunotherapies based on a proprietary allogeneic cell line of Plasmacytoid Dendritic cells (PDC*line). Website

Sagitta Biotech

Sagitta Biotech is developing a targeted therapy based on Oncolytic Viruses, which are vaccine strains modified to specifically kill tumor cells. Sagitta Biotech is building a vector that we hope is better than the competition, because we designed it to be targeted (it specifically infects cells carrying a tumor marker)...


Our purpose is to help people with cancer and rare diseases live longer, better quality lives. Telix is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialisation of diagnostic and therapeutic (‘theranostic’) products using molecularly targeted radiation (MTR). Telix’s research pipeline aims to address significant unmet medical need in prostate, kidney, brain (glioblastoma), and hematologic cancers as...


THERAtRAME discovers and develops first-in-class small molecules targeting the tRNA epitranscriptomics for the benefit of cancer patients. THERAtRAME discovers and develops new small molecule inhibitors targeting the tRNA epitranscriptomics to cure patients with untreatable cancer. The THERAtRAME discovery platform integrates unique sets of technologies to discover, develop and position new...

Trasis SA

Your partner in radiopharmacy. Since 2004, Trasis designs, manufactures,  sells and supports high performance synthesizers, dose preparation and dispensing equipment, all related consumables and shielding solutions

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