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Project co-led by the MecaTech and BioWin clusters The project deals with the subject of neurostimulation, one of the rapidly developing fields of medicine. The goal is to develop an implant where wires have been replaced by optical fibers and which also uses photovoltaic cells to convert monochromatic optical energy...
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Development of new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of inflammatory mono-arthritis combining “novel” anti-TNF-α and viscoelastic scaffold Mono-arthritis is generally treated by intra-articular injections of corticosteroids or of hyaluronic acid. However, due to their limited efficacy, or due to their toxicity, injectable corticosteroids are only administered a few times, which...
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Drug-releasing electrode with enhanced properties This project is about the development of an implantable electrode with quantitative drug eluting capacity. Polypyrrole coating of platinum nanostructuresformsthe basis of thisinnovative technology. Two lines of application are foreseen: one is to exploit the release of an anti-inflammatory drug in order to limit the...
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Bacteria and Resistance to Antibiotics. Identification using Nanotechnology and Microfluidics The goal of this project is to develop an in vitro test to identify the pathogenic bacteria and resistance parameters to antibiotics commonly encountered in human bacteremia. Doctors need a quick test to define the rapidly the most adequate therapy....
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Chitosan-based Targeting Drug Delivery Systems (Cs-tDDS) and their Proof of Concept Today, the most efficient therapeutic approaches in cancer rely on targeting the tumoral cells in order to enhance the therapeutic effect of the drug, to decrease its dosage and to limit its side effects. The TARGETUM Project aims at...
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Development of new cell-based in vitro models for ADME/Toxicity screening, based on human adult progenitor/stem cells Characterization of a new drug candidate during preclinical evaluation includes, in addition to potency and safety an assessment of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Drug metabolism studies require identification ofthe products of drug candidate metabolism,...
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Development of a new diagnostic method of arthritis The aim of this project is to validate the diagnostic value of transcriptomic and/or proteomic profiles of synovial material in early arthritis. It is based on preliminary data showing that gene expression profilesin synovial biopsiesfrom patients with arthritis are able to discriminate...
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Bacterial resistance assay in real time PCR on array for patients with Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) The aim of the project is a pre-validation of a new real time assay (VAP-technology) for the rapid detection of the bacterial species and their resistance in pneumonia. The assay was developed in order...
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Tools and methods towards the exploitation of a cyclotron-based hadrontherapy facility Hadrontherapy aims at treating cancers by irradiating tumor cells with protons or light ions (carbon), offering increased precision and significant biological gain on specific tumor cases. IBA is designing a new machine capable of treating patients with protons and...
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