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Development of a neuronal technology to detect and treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) NeuroAtt aims to design novel electrophysiological diagnostic tools (EDT) and brain wave trainers (BWT) in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It includes the development of methods to analyse multi-channel EEG recordings during sensorimotor and cognitive tasks...
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The treatment of patients in clinical practice relies on the results of randomized clinical trials. The statistical methods currently used to test the treatment effects in such trials take into account a single criterion called "primary endpoint". This is an incomplete assessment of trial results, especially in oncology and chronic...
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Human iPSC-derived Cortical Neurons for Research and Development. The project aims to make highly functional human cortical neurons from stem cells. Right now these cellular models, in combination with laboratory tests, provide a unique and novel platform bridging traditional laboratory tests and clinical testing in patients. Showing close resemblance to...
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Arc Protonthérapie

Project co-led by MecaTech and BioWin. The project aims to develop an innovative variation of the classical technique of delivery of proton therapy by intensity modulation. This new technique is called "Arc Protontherapy". This new technique allows to deliver the dose continuously during rotation of the gantry. For the patient, Arc...
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Single Cells

Development of an innovative approach for the control of microbial subpopulation in bioprocesses. Wagralim R&I project, co-led by BioWin. Microbial populations, even those called clonal (genetically identical), are inherently heterogeneous. In the biotechnology industry, this heterogeneity affects the performance and reproducibility of bioprocesses based on the use of microorganisms. In...
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Development of a powerful therapy to fight antimicrobial resistance. The aim of the Inteliphages project is to develop dried and encapsulated phages in order to treat bacterial infections that are either resistant to antibiotics or for which antibiotics are not indicated for other reasons. The development of dried and encapsulated...
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